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System Installation, Repairs & Preventive Maintenance

Our normal practice is to deliver the equipment to your site and to install the equipment in cooperation with your security staff. During the time with your machine we provide preventative x-ray machine maintenance semiannualy and quarterly for your equipment. We follow the standard procedures prescribed by the manufacturers and the federal and state EPA for such services. Should you experience a malfunction we provide contracts for quick-response on-call repair of your equipment. We maintain a substantial supply of spare parts for most equipment in current use.

System Decommissioning

After years of a systems service it maybe time to upgrade to new x-ray technology. When that time comes we offer state approved decommissioning and disposal of any x-ray machines.

Operation Instruction For Your Security Staff

We provide on-site instruction on the operation and use of the equipment and on the proper interpretation of the images. Special emphasis is provided for appropriate responses to perceived threats. X-ray images often require interpretation to see concealed devices and weapons against a background of other items. We believe it is better to be safe than sorry so we emphasize conservative interpretations and courteous but business like handling of possible perpetrators. Instructional computer based training software (CBT) is available to help system operators interpret the images of threat items.

State Registration Survey

X-Ray Imaging provides cabinet surveys as required to obtain state registration.

Radiation Level Badges

Film badges are used in detecting radiation levels. Film badge dosimeter is the ideal choice for routine exposure monitoring by professionals working with x-ray equipment. The Film badge has been the industry standard for routine radiation monitoring and offers excellent accuracy.

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