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About Us

X-Ray Imaging is a premier security equipment supplier to governmental and business entities. We provide and service X-ray security systems, walk-through metal detectors, and hand-held metal detectors. Equipment may be purchased, leased, or rented for short periods of time. While most of our business is in the New York metropolitan area, we have many clients throughout the United States and work cooperatively with similar dealers in other regions. We are your solution for new x-ray machines and metal detector sales. We are a privately owned business and live by our reputation.

If you own a business on the East Coast or throughout the remainder of the United States, you are likely to need various security measures to help keep your facility safe and secure. X-Ray Imaging Inc. is sells, leases and rents various systems to help both individuals and government agencies alike achieve the level of security that they need for their business. Our company takes care of things such as security metal detector rental, security x ray machine maintenance and has various security x-ray machines for sale. No matter what kind of security operations you’re looking to secure, X-Ray Imaging Inc. is your comprehensive source for everything you need.

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Sales — New and Used

From corporate mailrooms to loading docks let us provide you with the setup that best meets your needs.

New X-ray Machines, X-Ray Machine Sales, Used X-Ray Machines

X-Ray Machines
Whether you are trying to find weapons or prevent employee theft we have a wide range of systems to
fit any setting you might have.

Metal Detector Sales, New Metal Detectors

Walk-through and Hand
Held Metal Detectors

As a provider of Ceia Metal Detectors we sell systems ranging from the highest sensetivity units to units designed for your daily building screening needs.

Rentals and Leases

With our extensive experience, we know short term needs arrise all the time. We can support those needs and work with your budget.

Metal Detector Rentals, X-Ray machine Rental

Short Term Rentals
From hours to several months, our rental fleet is sure to meet your needs.

X-Ray Machine Rental, X-Ray Machine Lease, Metal Detector Rental, Metal Detector Lease

Long Term Leases
As business fluxuates
so do your security needs. One of our lease systems could be the perfect solution to maintain your security level but not with all the financial strain that comes with purchasing a new x-ray machine.

Services and Training

With any machine, moving parts mean an opportunity for something to go wrong. Maintenance agreements and proper training on the systems could increase the life of your system.

X-Ray Machine Maintenance, X-Ray Machine Repair

X-Ray Machine Maintenance
Whether it's major repairs or preventative maintenance, our technicians are trained to get the job done right. We stock an extensive inventory of parts for a wide range of systems.

X-Ray Machine training

Hands on training
A systemis only as effective as the user. Our trianing course is designed to provide your users with all the tools neccessary to make key identifications.